Relationship Updates & Tough Conversations — Happened At The Farmer Wants A Wife Reunion

Spoilers ahead. After a very eventful season of Farmer Wants A Wife, the farmers decided who wanted to be in a relationship with when the reality TV show ended.
The grand finale revealed who won, but if you're just as invested in the dating show as we are, you'll know that the post-finale reunion is where a lot of the drama goes down.
It's here that the farmers, partners and hosts come face-to-face a month after shooting wrapped up, and speak about everything from relationship statuses to filming secrets that we've been wanting to hear about.
Here's a rundown on exactly what went down at the reunion this year.

Who Was At The Farmer Wants A Wife Reunion?

Farmers Will Simpson, Harry Lloyd and Ben Scowen and their partners were all at the reunion. While Paige Marsh and Benjamin Jackson left the competition early, only Paige made a return at the reunion. Host Natalie Gruzlewski was on set as well to catch up with the stars and find out how life has been since the show.
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What Happened At The Farmer Wants A Wife Reunion?

The Farmer Wants A Wife reunion was an opportunity for all the farmers to reunite in one place a month after filming ended.
At the grand finale, the farmers decided who they wanted to pursue a relationship with beyond the reality TV show. Farmer Will chose Jess, Farmer Ben chose Leish and Farmer Harry chose Tess.
We found out a few things from the reunion episode, including whether the farmers and their partners are still together, if any of the partners relocated to the farms where the farmers live, if wedding plans are on the horizon and how they found the filming process, and if there are any behind-the-scenes details they'd like to reflect on.

Paige Marsh Has Moved On

This season's only female farmer, Paige Marsh, didn't find love on the show after she decided to not choose any of the male suitors. She revealed that after her overnight date with Cody, the spark between them didn't grow which led to her ending their journey together.
Since filming wrapped up, Paige has moved on to focusing on her career and family again, while having a newfound confidence and belief in herself.
 "I am so grateful and so thankful for this experience and what I've learnt about myself," she said. "There is a strength in being vulnerable but I can actually sit here and be the person I've become from doing this."

Benjamin Jackson Did Not Attend The Reunion

Benjamin Jackson had to leave the show early this year after his grandmother passed away and he was diagnosed with an unknown illness. The sheep farmer didn't attend the reunion, with host Natalie acknowledging Benjamin's absence and the rest of the farmers wishing him nothing but the best in the future.

The Couples Revealed If They're Still Together

Will Simpson and Jess

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At the reunion, Will and Jess confirmed they're together and that Jess had moved straight to the farm and settled into country life.
"From the final decision, we haven't spent a day apart," said Will, before Jess cheekily said it's "nice having Will all to myself" and she's "not sick of him yet".
"Jess is the perfect person for me. She brings a smile to my face. She is one of a kind," the farmer added when host Natalie asked him how his girlfriend makes him feel. "The chemistry is off the charts, we just adore each other."
Jess is now completing her university studies online while living with Will on the farm, and is also on the hunt for a job at a local dental practice.

Ben Scowen And Leish

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At the reunion, we heard about how dairy farmer Ben and hospital administrator Leish fared in a long-distance relationship. Ben is from Wingham in NSW, while Leish is from Brisbane. During filming, Ben expressed concerns about dating Leish as she planned to continue living in Queensland, but they made it work by Ben making some trips to Brisbane and Leish also spending time on the farm.
One of the biggest challenges for the pair so far has been Ben breaking the news to Leish that he had kissed Kiani the day before he told Leish he loved her at the grand finale.
"She was obviously upset. It was hard and put her head in a spin," Ben reflected.
Footage was shown of the pair having the conversation on the farm, where Leish told Ben she needed some time to think and was going to pack her bags and go back to Brisbane.
"I'm very hurt. Is it really love if that's what you can just go and do?" she questioned in a piece-to-camera.
Despite this hurdle, the couple confirmed they are still together. Leish has been visiting the farm often, has met Ben's four-year-old daughter, Indie, and says fitting into his life has been "effortless".

Harry Lloyd And Tess

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During the reunion, Harry revealed that he and Queensland psychology student Tess had been trying a long-distance relationship, and that while he's making compromises now, he hopes she will do the same later down the track.
While it's been a "struggle" not seeing Tess all the time, Harry confirmed that he and Tess are still together.
"I still call her every day," he said, explaining the couple "catch up on the weekends when we can".
Once Tess joined Harry on the couch, he revealed that he was going to move to the Gold Coast for 12 months to be with his girlfriend while she completed university studies. The "gap year" from the farm would hopefully involve "finding a job on a farm up there" in Queensland and seeing "a different style of farming."
"For him to make that decision and really commit to it is huge," said Tess, confirming she would ultimately love to move to Harry's farm in Kyabram in Victoria and start a family there in the future.
This is the 12th season of Farmer Wants A Wife in Australia, where thousands of singles applied to meet the farmers, but only a handful were invited back to the farms for a chance to find love.
Farmer Wants A Wife 2023 has already been confirmed, with applications now open for the chance to date one of the seven farmers. They are 25-year-old Dylan from Tasmania, 29-year-old David from Queensland, 32-year-old Brad from NSW, 23-year-old Matt from NSW, 28-year-old Lachy from Queensland, 26-year-old Brenton from Victoria, and 41-year-old Andrew from NSW.
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