You Need These Water-Based Lubes In Your Nightstand Now

Not only is lube a fantastic way to make sex a wee bit messier, it can enhance the natural sensations that come with getting down and help you avoid unwanted friction, too. Of course, the world of personal lubrication products is wide and ranging — when you take your specific preferences into account, not all lubes are created equal.

For example, if you tend to use latex condoms or silicone sex toys, water-based lube (as opposed to silicone-based ones) should be your go-to. Pam D., a representative and sexpert at Babeland, tells Refinery29 that lubes made with silicone can break down other silicone-based products, so, in order to keep your playtime safe, stick with lubes that are free of the stuff.

One thing to keep in mind, Pam tells us, is that you'll probably need to reapply when using water-based lubes. Simply put, "it doesn’t have the staying power of silicone lube," she explains.

If you're still not totally sure which lube is right for you, swing by your local sex toy shop and chat up the salespeople for advice. "Ask questions," Pam says. "And don’t be afraid to sample."

Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite water-based, silicone-toy-safe lubes. Read on to discover your next favorite.

Photo: Courtesy of The Pleasure Chest.
Made with our bodies' own fluids in mind, this lube is perfect for an all-natural feel.
Probe Probe Lube, $1.50 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Adam & Eve.
This glycerin-free lube keeps things smooth and silky with an ingredients list that includes aloe vera and ginseng.
BetterSex Essentials Pure Lubricant, $9.94 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Babeland.
This organic lube is ultra-gentle, making it a perfect choice for your most sensitive areas.
Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant, $14.00 Buy
Photo: Courtesy of Trystology.
Thanks to its long-lasting formula, this lube is sure to keep up with you all night long.
Coconu Water-Based Organic Lubricant 3oz, $25.00 Buy
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