30 Engagement Rings That Will Earn You A "Yes"

The actual idea of a "proposal season" is pretty antiquated. Anytime you want to pop the question is as good as any, especially if there's a more meaningful date for the couple involved. But we can't deny that there's something about the holiday season that taps into our inner romantic and ups the magic for an en- of-the-year engagement. Maybe it's the endless sob fest "He went to Jared" commercial spots, maybe it's that the holidays tend to be filled with "good cheer" and family gatherings, or maybe it's that couples tend to splurge on a whimsical end of the year trip. Whatever it is, there's a lot of reasons in the air for a holiday proposal.

Similar to the idea that the timing of your proposal should weigh upon your personal relationship, so should the ring. We're (finally) breaking away from the idea that a big, bold, and bright diamond is the only way to go. Engagement rings have never been more diverse than they are now. From black diamonds, to opals, to unique settings, to swapping out a large rock for a minimalist band, the engagement ring market is ripe with alternative options as individual as the ring wearers themselves.

So if you are thinking about popping the question this year, or you're just browsing around for the future, we've found 30 rings that will earn you a guaranteed "Yes!"

Jennie Kwon Diamond Triad Equilibrium Ring, $1,200.00 Buy
Lauren Wolf Jewelry Diamond Signet Ring, $1,800.00 Buy
ILA Swinton Diamond Ring, $4,710.00 Buy
Polly Wales Coco Ring, $6,400.00 Buy
Tura Sugden Rose Cut Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire, $6,200.00 Buy
Erica Weiner Directional Ring, $2,750.00 Buy
Paradiiso Isa Ring, $250.00 Buy
Local Eclectic Vega Tapering Diamond Ring, $950.00 Buy
A.M. Thorne Smokey Pear Diamond Ring, $945.00 Buy
ManiaMania Devotion Solitaire Ring, $2,400.00 Buy
Anne Sisteron 14kt Rose Gold Diamond Slice Princess Ring, $1,400.00 Buy
Sarah & Sebastian Diamond Drop Ring, $450.00 Buy
WWAKE Angled Opal Ring, $445.00 Buy
The Last Line Diamond Pave Sphere Ring, $588.00 Buy
Love Adorned Wide Band Ring with Champagne Diamond, $2,875.00 Buy
Rachel Boston Hapi Ring, $2,396.06 Buy
Logan Hollowell Diamond Cloud Ring, $1,265.00 Buy
Vrai & Oro The Emerald Pavé, $1,894.00 Buy
J.Hannah Venn Ring with Pavé, $1,540.00 Buy
Meadowlark Cross Solitaire, $8,059.00 Buy
Fox & Bond Victorian Cushion Cut Diamond Ring, $2,650.00 Buy
Hortense Constellation Ring, $1,122.00 Buy
Diaboli Kill Marei Solitaire Ring with Marquise Cut Blue Aquamarine and Pavé Diamonds in 18K Yellow Gold, $4,875.00 Buy
GFG Jewellery Seraphina Sapphire Wing Ring, £1,500.00 Buy
Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Harmony 18k Rose Gold, Price Upon Request, available at Tiffany & Co.
Sofia Zakia Pleiades Ring, $2,330.00 Buy
Luna Skye 14kt Rose Gold and Gray Rose Cut Diamond Hex Bezel Ring, $2,100.00 Buy
Katie Diamond Jewelry Thea Ring, $1,800.00 Buy
Kataoka Cluster Crown Band Ring, $4,580.00 Buy
Azlee Eclipse Diamond Ring, $2,210.00 Buy
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