What Happened When We Tried Glitter Lips IRL

If you participate in this thing called the internet, chances are you've seen a pair of glitter lips, or two, or 40. The sparkly, disco-ball finish has taken over runways, the red carpet, and Instagram, thanks to social media-savvy makeup-artist legend Pat McGrath.

Sure, watching people pack sequins and glitter onto their lips is damn entertaining — some might even say mesmerizing — but we'd never tried the trend ourselves. Despite how beautiful it is, it's far from practical for work, a date, the gym, dinner...basically, anywhere we go. But the beauty team loves a challenge, so we set out to wear glitter lips IRL. Ahead, our editors share their experiences of wearing wild lips in mundane situations: grocery shopping, a day at the office, a girls' night out, and at the gym.

Grocery Shopping

Who: Samantha Sasso, beauty editorial assistant

"If you shop at Trader Joe's in NYC, you know what a madhouse it can be. With lines often out the door, it's not unlikely you might run into someone you know. On the other hand, it is New York, and there are way crazier things than gold lipstick on every corner.

"Still, I shop on the Upper West Side, where Ralph Lauren-clad dads and Columbia students live. I did get a few stares, but not that many. At this point, I'm a master at crazy lips (hello, metallic lippies), so my confidence wasn't shaken. The more wild the lip, the more confident I feel, actually."
"Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that gold tones like this wash me out. It's not the product; it's me. Turns out, I prefer warmer hues, like bronze-brown and ruby red, so I'll stick to those from now on. All in all, though, rocking a bold lip like this made standing in those disastrous lines a little more enjoyable."

Bite Beauty
Gold Crème Lip Gloss, $22, available at Sephora.
The Office

Who: Mi-Anne Chan, beauty writer

"My coworkers at R29 are pretty used to seeing me sport unusual makeup, so a touch of glitter on my lips wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Still, after slicking on Pat McGrath's Vermillion lipstick and packing on the accompanying red glitter, I instantly started racking up the compliments. Some people even asked me if I was wearing McGrath's lipstick, and were delighted when I confirmed their suspicions."
"I adore the look of a shimmery pout, and this particular shade makes me all warm and fuzzy inside because it looks like the ruby-red slippers from The Wizard of Oz. Is it practical, though? Absolutely not. While I would certainly wear this to an event, eating with it on is no walk in the park. In fact, I suggest you abstain from eating with glitter on at all, lest you want to ingest it. Unfortunately, McGrath's lip kits were limited-edition and are completely sold out. Fingers crossed she brings them back, because I would love to get my hands on more shades."
Girls' Night Out

Kelsey Castañon, beauty news editor

"I don't wear lipstick often, so when I do, I need the formula to be two things: hydrating and long-lasting. For a night out, however, I’m a little more concerned with the latter. (What can I say? I love red wine, and I simply can’t have a red lipstick making any more of an appearance on my teeth than the liquid.)

"So, I’ll admit that when I first swiped on Tattoo Junkee's liquid lipstick, then dabbed on the glittery pigment with my finger, I was nervous. Even though the shimmer looked like ruby-red slippers on my lips — a fact that made the Kansas girl in me giddy — the formula felt tight, almost uncomfortable, and I was pretty positive it wouldn’t last. But much to my surprise, it did. Even after two glasses and a few appetizers, not only did the color stay put — so did the glitter."
"Since I wore the glitter on a night out, I felt like I could get away with more; it didn't feel that strange. Plus, it's a red lipstick — a pretty typical color to wear to a dimly lit bar. The shimmer is also superfine and subtle, so unless you were looking right at me you wouldn't necessarily be able to tell I was wearing glitter at all."

Tattoo Junkee Pucker Up Red Lip Paint & Glitter Set, $6.88, available at Walmart.
The Gym

Who: Michaela Rollings, marketing coordinator

"For this experiment, I rocked Lemonhead's Glitter Paste, a rose glitter paste with a quick-drying gel consistency, at the gym. It was easy and quick to apply with my finger, only required one step (instead of a two-part application of pigment and glitter), and wasn't drying on the lips. The multicolored specks of glitter were also stunning, and gave my lips a cool, opaque chrome color.

"Surprisingly, I didn't feel that weird about wearing a glittery lip to the gym. I think it was because I'm a regular at my local New York Sports Club, and no one ever really pays attention to what other people are doing or wearing. Also, the color I wore wasn't a bright red, blue, or purple, so it didn't pop against my skin as much as, say, Pat McGrath's Lust would. But if I were at a fitness class like SoulCycle, where there was an instructor and fitness devotees staring me down, I think it would have been a much different story."
"In terms of practicality, the glitter came off with more ease than I expected, and it's water-soluble — so it will break down with sweat. I'd stay away from wearing this during any strenuous activity, but for a night out? Sure thing. I'd recommend prepping with a lip primer, or mixing the glitter in with another, long-wear liquid or cream product, though."

Mulholland Glitter Paste, $22, available at Lemonhead.
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