11 Not-So-Cheesy Tattoos To Get With Your Dad

You and your father may not always see eye-to-eye, but you know he'd do just about anything for you. After all, he's fixed your car about 1,001 times (even if all those scratches were your fault) and continuously extended your curfew in high school without complaint. Now, it's time to pay thanks to the guy who's done it all — but how? We're thinking something far more permanent than a card, like a tattoo.

Sure, dad may have been wary of you getting a tattoo back when you were 18, but now that you're all grown up, we're sure he'll be more supportive — especially if he's getting inked right next to you (and you're paying). Admit it: There are few people on this planet who would be more willing to get tattooed with you — well, except maybe your mother and your best friend.


Ahead, the best tattoos to get with your dad.

Everything the light touches probably doesn't belong to you, but your doting dad might act like it does.
There's nothing nerdier than getting your favorite quote tattooed in Morse code with your dad — and he'll love every minute of it.
Now you know where you get your taste for minimalism from...
Make your tattoo extra special by getting "I love you" inked in his handwriting.
Angel wings for your guardian angel.
When his favorite show has been Friends since, oh, about 1998...
Get the whole family in on the sentimental tattoo design with these overlapping triangles that represent everyone — mom, dad, and your siblings.
Your tattoo doesn't have to be huge to be meaningful. In fact, this tiny white dot is just as cute, and far less painful than you think.
Just in case you needed a reminder that your dad will always be there to hold your hand — and get your name tattooed on his arm.
If tattoos aren't your dad's thing, you can still get a design inspired by him and your relationship. In this case, bring in a photo of you two together and ask the artist to replicate it in ink.
A dainty message that proves no matter how far away you travel (or live), you two are always close at heart.
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