The Game Of Thrones Cast Has Aged Like Fine, Lannister Wine

It’s hard to believe that Game of Thrones premiered almost a decade ago. Yes, it was way back in 2011 that Eddard “Ned” Stark lost his head in King’s Landing, and we found out that Cersei Lannister was having sex with her twin brother. For the last seven seasons, fans have been entranced by the fight for the Iron Throne, but the show's eighth and final season is going to be about so much more than that (the Night King cometh).

While we're sad to see GoT come to an end, eight years is a long time to invest your Sunday nights into a show — and even longer for a cast to play characters on it. Way back when Game of Thrones first aired (April 17, 2011), the massive ensemble cast was largely comprised of unknown, young actors — including Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, and Kit Harington. So, you can only imagine how much their looks have changed since.


And because we're feeling a bit nostalgic, we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the cast's first red-carpet looks. Let's just say, these ten-year evolutions prove the Game of Thrones cast has aged like fine, Lannister wine.

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage.

Peter Dinklage

Just one month after the show’s first episode aired, Dinklage was a clear, standout star of the show, playing mistreated brother and son Tyrion Lannister (and the Emmy he’d earn later that year would certainly prove it).
Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.
Ten years later and he’s still a fan-favorite character — probably because we're still hoping he’s not a Lannister at all, but a Targaryen. Fingers crossed we find out if he actually fulfills the "dragon has three heads" prophecy by the end of season eight.
Photo: Danny Martindale/WireImage.

Maisie Williams

Out of the entire cast, Williams was one of the youngest, landing the spot of Arya Stark at just 12 years old. Even so, she still had 3 to undergo a major physical transformation for her character’s arc: Cutting her hair to disguise herself as a boy.
Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.
Similar to her character on-screen, Williams made a drastic hair change just ahead of the season eight premiere with a new, lilac hair color.
Photo: Tim P Whitby/Getty Images.

Sophie Turner

Turner didn’t truly make her red-carpet debut until over a year after Game of Thrones premiered, but even then her hair was a fiery shade of red — just like her character Sansa Stark.
Photo: Mike Coppola/FilmMagic.
Turner revealed that she had to dye her hair almost twice a week to play Sansa. Eventually her colorist said it was too damaging. So, she got a wig and went back to her blonde roots, toggling between a golden blonde and platinum color since 2016.
Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images.

Kit Harington

Without facial hair and a man bun, young Harington looks nothing like the unsung hero, and King in the North, Jon Snow.
Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.
Harington once said he wanted to cut off all his hair to make his look “less recognizable” by the time the series ended, but from the looks of it, he’s since backtracked on that idea. Long live Jon Snow’s beard (but R.I.P. the bun).
Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.

Emilia Clarke

The only real difference between Clarke in 2011 and Clarke now is that now she no longer has to wear purple contacts to play Daenerys Targaryen.
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
Although Clarke briefly went blonde in real life — to match her character’s famous, icy-white hair — she’s since gone back to the dark side, rocking a brunette bob. Naturally, she slayed her final red carpet with Khaleesi-inspired braids.
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