The A-List Beauty Treatment Eva, Emma, & Elisabeth SWEAR By

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I hate to break it to you, but celebs aren't just like us. They don't spend their Sunday afternoons elbowing their way through the aisles of a crowded Trader Joe's, they don't schlep their groceries back home on the bus after, and when they have a big event coming up, they sure as hell don't slap on a sheet mask or some makeup and hope for the best.

In actuality, it's quite the opposite — and if you've ever peeped a celeb getting ready on Insta stories, you probably know that it's a full glam squad affair complete with makeup, hair, and nail artists. Still, I've always wanted to know what else goes into prepping for an awards show.

To find out, I visited the Joanna Vargas spa in New York to try the Full Body Detox Peel, a body treatment loved by everyone from Elisabeth Moss, to Emma Roberts, to Eva Mendes. It's designed to get your limbs primed and ready for a night of flashing lights. Then, I got my very own glam squad from House Of Lava to do my hair and makeup in the style of Oscar-nominee Margot Robbie. I had a few questions running through my mind that day: What would it feel like? How much would it cost? And more importantly, what would I look like after? Watch it all go down in the video above.

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