The 19 Biggest Viral Food Moments of 2017

We've been through a lot this year, and when we say that, we're including the numerous viral food moments that left us disgusted, disturbed, or just downright confused. In 2017, we saw cake decorating fails, fruits peeled in the strangest way, and mislabeled and misleading food packages. There were tweets, photos, and videos that showed unconventional eating methods and unexpected food-related skills. After all that, as the year comes to a close, we can't help but feel proud that we survived.

As confusing as some of 2017's kooky food moments were to us internet users, it was nothing compared with how this year treated one of our most beloved dishes, pizza. In the past 12 months, social media users shared the many different ways they found to torture pizza, from covering it in candy corn to carrying it on its side. Of course, those many shared moments drew criticism and sparked debate, and the reactions themselves turned into viral food moments that left us scratching our heads.

While we're happy to soon be leaving these "WTF" moments behind in 2017, along with all the other (much more noteworthy) rough stuff that happened this year, we know in our hearts that 2018 will hold just as many Twitter wars. As long as social media exists, and there is a platform for people to share their unlikely eating habits and divisive food opinions, we will have moments like these. However, before we get carried away thinking about what WTF-worthy food things we might see online in the future, let's first look back at the weirdest ones that have gone down over the past year. As creepy, gross, and puzzling as they were, a lot of them also managed to make us laugh, and it wouldn't be right for us to end this year without appreciating them for that.

The disturbing appearance of peeled limes

Twitter users actually lost sleep over how weird limes look when they're peeled, and we get it. That's just not something you see everyday.
This pea & mayonnaise pizza

When a Twitter user shared a photo pizza topped with peas and mayonnaise, the internet demanded to know what prompted this act of violence against pizza.
This confusing cat food package

The comment "Wait, does the cat love eating puppy, or is cat being fed to a beloved puppy?" sums up this puzzling viral moment.
This college kid's unusual apple-catching skills

This year, Daniel Hartman got his 15 minutes of internet fame thanks to his strong teeth and impeccable mouth-eye coordination.
This creepy bread-opening technique

One Twitter user no longer felt safe living with his roommate after discovering how he opens his bread.
The most disrespectful way to carry pizza

Twitter agrees, pizza should not be carried in a bag.
A well-respected bottle of ketchup was laid to rest

When this Twitter user discovered his unopened ketchup bottle had "decided to end it's life" he threw it a very tasteful funeral.
This epic egg cup rant

We never knew Brits took their egg cups so seriously until this Twitter user went on an epic rant about how Americans don't use them.
This seriously sad school lunch

Popcorn Chicken Po-Boy Sandwiches from Hempfield Area High School went viral for being surprisingly tasty.
When the boundaries of acceptable movie theater snacks were pushed

Twitter demanded proof that this person really did bring spaghetti into a movie, and it wasn't let down.
The mom who couldn't figure out the Domino's app

One Twitter user's mother proved that technology is hard when she forgot to ask for sauce and cheese on her pizza when ordering through the Domino's app.
When Hellmann's gave the least useful coupon ever

At grocery shopper discovered that Hellmann's was offering a great deal to anyone who wanted to purchase both meat and Vegan mayonnaise. Why?
This shockingly sensual peach peeling video

We never knew peaches could be NSFW until we laid eyes on this peach being peeled in one swift motion.
This man's unfortunate half and half substitute

Even mayonnaise fans cringed when they read one man's tweet that he had once put mayo in his coffee when he couldn't find half and half.
One person got creative when they ran out of sandwich bags

A Twitter user hilariously decided to use tiny dime bags as a substitute for sandwich bags, and of course, the internet loved it.
This sadistic Pad Thai receipt

When a Redditor requested his Pad Thai be 17 times as spicy as normal, the receipt promised that he would "regret being born."
This news show's mug fetish

One Twitter user set out on a hilarious mission to discover why in the world there are alway so many mugs on the set of the BBC News program Victoria Derbyshire.
This doubly divisive pizza

A Twitter users put one of the most divisive foods of all time on one of the most beloved foods of all time, and of course, people got angry.
The Minnie Mouse birthday cake that still haunts our dreams

In the /r/ExpectationsVsReality subreddit, a user shared the cake they expected to give their niece for her first birthday and the one the bakery created instead. The actual cake was truly upsetting.
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