This Viral Peach-Peeling Video Is Almost NSFW

Photo: Getty Images.
A video posted to Twitter a few weeks ago by a Japanese user known online as Okada recently went viral simply because it is so incredibly satisfying. The video showed two hands holding a peach, and upon hitting the play button, the hands begin to peel the skin back from the flesh of the peach in one seamless motion. Paired with the peach video was a Tweet that said, “This hack for peeling peaches is so coooool. Makes you want to eat peaches because is so easyyyy.”
Since being shared, the video has been retweeted over 52,000 times and liked by more than 73,000 Twitter users. After the tweet officially achieved viral status, BuzzFeed News talked to Okada about her video. Ironically, Okada said she actually owes Twitter for teaching her the fruit hack. She explained that she had seen a tutorial on the social media site a while back that instructed viewers to put peaches in hot water for 20 seconds then transfer them to cold water for five minutes. The tutorial promised that after soaking, the peach's skin would peel off effortlessly, so Okada put it to the test and clearly wasn't disappointed. Take a look at the hack in action:
Like with every video that goes viral, users weighed in with comments explaining why they were addicted to watching it over and over again. One user named @Ssss_hikari put it quite plainly by writing, "It is very very erotic." We laughed out loud upon first reading that comment, but quickly realized this Twitter user has a point.
Lately, Twitter users in Japan have kind of been on a roll when it comes to sharing food hacks. Around two weeks ago, we discovered a viral video posted by a user in Hokkaido that showed how to remove every single kernel of corn, completely intact, from a cob. Thanks to these folks, we're going to have no problem getting our fruits and veggies this summer.

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