The Internet Thinks The Way This Guy Opens Bread Is Super Creepy & We Kind Of Get It

From time to time, you come across images on the internet that simply cannot be unseen. It’s just the risk you run these days since everyone shares everything. The most recent photo that has us totally freaked out came from Twitter, and it was shared by a user named @Almckayy. This guy posted a picture he took of a loaf of bread to social media because something about it really scared him. Once you see the picture, you’ll totally understand. He wrote in the tweet, “One of my flatmates opens their bread like this. I don't feel safe anymore.” Look. At. It.
It appears that his roommate was so desperate to get to his white bread, that he had no time to waste on opening the bag the regular way by undoing the twist-tie. Or maybe he was angry at the bread? Either way, this is not normal behavior.
No surprise, Twitter had a field day with the photo. Since being posted Monday, the tweet has received almost 40,000 likes, and it has been retweeted over 13,000 times. Plus, so many people have responded with support for @Almckayy and hilarious theories about why the hell the roommate opens his bread in this odd manner.
When the folks at BuzzFeed News saw the tweet, they reached out to @Almckayy, a.k.a. Alasdair Mckay, to see if he was okay. You’ll be happy to know that he was still alive and enjoying all of Twitter's reactions.

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