This Major Cat Food Fail Just Made Our Day

Leave it to Reddit to find all the best packaging fails that cause major confusion among consumers. The most recent addition in this obscure category of hilarious posts was uploaded to the /r/firstworldanarchists subreddit a few hours ago by a user known as dagbrown. The post entitled "This cat food" shows a photo of a package of cat food. The box features a picture of a cat, bowl, and a spoonful of the shredded up meat concoction. All of the information on the package is written in Japanese, except for one extremely puzzling line, which reads, "I [love] my puppy."
As you can imagine, the commenters ran wild with questions and assumptions about the box's labeling fail. One Redditor named Bryaxis summed up what we were all wondering with one succinct comment, "Wait, does the cat love eating puppy, or is cat being fed to a beloved puppy?"
And, another user named paarre questioned if the food was actually meant for humans, seeing as there was a spoon on the box. They wrote, "Do cats normally eat cat food with a spoon?" According to a few different commenters who claim to be able to read Japanese, the label says that it is cat food made with chicken breast and tuna, though that still doesn't explain why the word "puppy" is included on the label at all. Even after the contents of the cat food were cleared up by the Japanese reading Reddit users, jokes persisted in the comments section of the post. ianthenerd wrote, "This is for those resentful cat owners." And, to that, BurgerLaowai responded, "'I wish I had adopted a dog instead...'" Another commenter named Ahayzo wrote, "'I love my puppy... so he gets the good food while my cat gets this crap.'" The post from dagbrown has so far gained 3,204 upvotes, but we still don't have a definitive answer on what the hell is in this box and who or what it's meant for.

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