This Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Fail Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

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Earlier this week, a Reddit user, known online as ehsan, posted three photos in the r/ExpectationsVsReality subreddit, which we found thanks to Delish. The first photo featured a extravagent Minnie Mouse birthday cake the user had found online and given to a bakery to be recreated for their niece's birthday. Next to that photo, the user posted two additional pictures that showed the actual cake that the user received from the bakery. Depending on how easily you scare, words you might use to describe the photos of the actual cake range from off-putting to utterly disturbing. Seriously, just look and see what we're talking about.
Creepy, right? For us, there are a few components of the freshly baked cake that we can't seem to make sense of, but we're mostly hung up on the three balls of pink fondant where Minnie Mouse's tongue should be. Naturally, ehsan's fellow Redditors chimed in with comments about which parts of the cake they found most upsetting, and it seems like there's something for everyone to be terrified by with this cake. Really, that's kind of the magic of it.
While it's certainly not unusual to mess up this aggressively when trying to recreate a cake from Pinterest in your own kitchen, you never expect it to happen when you pay a bakery to make the cake for you. But, despite its extreme sweatiness, the wonky Minnie Mouse cake isn't even close to the worst cake we've seen. Take, for instance, that edible pimple cake that seems to be inescapable for anyone who has used the internet this week. At least the Minnie cake fail was trying to look like something sweet and comforting from our childhoods, and not meant to totally gross us out. Luckily, though, we live in a day and age where there are plenty of cake decorating videos out there that we can use as palette cleansers after looking at either of these more unsettling photos.
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