Netflix's Nailed It Is A Cooking Competition Show Like You've Never Seen

Fairly often, photos of a baked creations go viral on the internet not because they're impressive, but because they're such an epic fails. These cakes, cookies, and pies are so far from the recipe's intended outcome that they could almost cause nightmares. However, when compared with photos of what the bakers were trying to reproduce, they’re just way too hilarious to actually be disturbing. These knee-slapping baking fails are actually the basis for a brand new Netflix series called Nailed It.
Six episodes of the sarcastically named Nailed It premiered on Netflix this past Friday, and already viewers are captivated by this completely new kind of cooking competition show. In each episode, three contestants, who are by no means professionals or even skilled home bakers, compete to recreate various exquisite treats and try to make their final products taste decent and look, well, not terrifying or weird. In the end, the baker who fails the least, wins $10,000.
In some ways, Nailed It feels a bit like America’s answer to The Great British Baking Show because the competition is extremely friendly and no one gets reprimanded for messing up. Everyone is just there to have fun, which means it isn't stressful to watch. In true American form, however, this show is a lot less refined, which is what makes it so incredibly entertaining.
Like in The Great British Baking Show, there is a comedian co-host, Nicole Byer, who keeps things light with her quick and funny comments. There is also a professional pastry chef co-host, Jacques Torres. Chef Torres actually manages to provide the contestants with useful feedback on how to improve their bakes in the future, but even he doesn’t take the show or his role to seriously.
Anyone who has ever royally screwed up a cooking endeavor (who hasn’t?) needs to watch this show. Not only will you get some baking tips from the judges, you’ll also be reminded not to take baking too seriously. Nailed It is a breath of fresh air for anyone who is too stressed out by other intense cooking competition shows, with their impossible-to-achieve goals and ridiculous time-limits. This isn’t Hell’s Kitchen. On Nailed It, no one is shamed for messing up. Instead, the contestants laugh along with the judges and so will you.

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