The Most Hilarious, Over-The-Top Moments From Nailed It! Season 2

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Nailed It! is officially back. The second season of Netflix's hilarious baking show inspired by Pinterest fails is available on Netflix today, and it's filled with just as many cringe-worthy dessert disasters as season 1. All six episodes of the new season are jammed packed with funny one-liners from comedian and host Nicole Byers, impressively ridiculous improving from amateur bakers, and actually helpful baking tips from world famous pastry chef and head judge Jacques Torres. Though there are innumerable amazing moments in Nailed It season 2, here, we have listed six — one from each episode — of the highlights. Warning: Spoilers, ahead!
1. The powdered sugar tornado in Episode 201
You know that feeling when you've done something terribly wrong, but there's nothing you can really do about it so you just have to stand there and suffer the consequences? That's kind of what happens to Jennifer, a contestant on episode 1, when she tries to whip up some buttercream. When she puts all her ingredients in her mixer and cranks it up to full speed, she's immediately consumed by a whirling cloud of powdered sugar. Instead of adjusting the speed however, Jennifer just stands there and lets it happen to her. The moment had us LOLing and had Chef Torres casually saying, "This is crazy."
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
2. The "inverted nipple" cupcakes in episode 202
When Chris, an episode 2 participant, overfills his cupcake tins, the cupcakes collapse in the oven. That sucks, right? Well, we honestly forgot to feel bad for him because he quickly had us squealing with the line, "My cupcakes have overflowed and now, they look like an inverted nipple." What an interesting comparison. Side note: this isn't even the most epic cake baking fail from this episode.
3. The burnt popcorn apology in episode 203
Though the competitors on Nailed It! aren't anywhere near as polite as those on say, The Great British Bake Off, Leanne's southern charm really shows on episode 3. After burning a pack of microwavable popcorn — yes, in a microwave that had a popcorn button on it — Leanne apologizes profusely for the misstep. In her endearing accent she says, "Oh shoot! Oh, shoot! I am so sorry for smellin' up the kitchen!" while frantically roaming around the kitchen holding the smoking bag of popcorn. Something about this ridiculous mistake coupled with the fact that she's so sweetly apologizing during a competition really tickled us. It's a good reminder that this show is really just about having fun.
4. The revelation that french people dip theirs cookies in wine in episode 204
Though you wouldn't expect a pastry chef to be completely unfamiliar with the concept of dipping cookies in milk, Jacques Torres just does not understand the practice. "I still don't get why you dip cookies in milk. What is the story with that? French, we do all kinds of shortbread, and we dip them in a red wine. You guys use milk." We're so happy that Torres' confusion over our milk and cookies combo came out because it helped us learn that there is a much better dipping option out there.
5. Cake fail comforts in episode 205
For the most part when mistakes are made on Nailed It! the contestants laugh it off, but occasionally, frustration takes over and tears start to fall. When Kelly begins to cry after her snake cake falls apart in episode 5 just as she's presenting, Byers, Torres, guest judge chef Art Smith offer her some heartwarming words of encouragement. Smith tells her, "Kelly, you know, I've had many a cake fall. I've had them fall for presidents, but guess what. Once the cake's cut, no one really give a rat's ass what kind of cake it was. It ain't about what it looks like, it's how it tastes." The kind comments turn the contestant's tears into laughter, and it's one of many examples of why we love this totally pure cooking competition show.
6. Allusions to Nicole and Jacques' secret romance in episode 206
Perhaps the best part of Nailed It! is the extremely unlikely pairing of comedian Nicole Byers and French pastry chef Jacques Torres. Both judges play off each other in the most unexpectedly delightful way. Because of our love for the duo, it filled us with absolutely glee when Byers and Nicole jokingly pretend to be in love for a quick moment in the season 2 finale. When the guest judge leaves the judges' table to go help out a contestant, Byers turns to Torres and says in a sensual tone, "Now I have you all to myself." The two stare into each other's eyes as soft R&B music plays and the edges of the screen begin to soften. This continues until Torres loses the staring contest and cracks up. It is just too cute. Honestly, we ship them.

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