Twitter Is Not Okay With The Way This Person Carried Pizza Boxes

Photo: Getty Images.
Recently, folks on social media have gotten really into telling other’s how they should and shouldn’t eat their pizza. We’ve heard harsh words from “If you dip your pizza in milk, you should lose your pizza eating privileges for life.” to “You don’t put fuckin’ pineapple on pizza.” And, even we had some words over that Marshmallow Peeps pie. All this backlash makes some sense because pizza lovers take their pies so seriously. Now, though, people are starting to chime in not just on how people eat their pizza but also on how they carry it. Allow me to explain.
Seventeen recently alerted us to an strange photo that was added to Imgur a few days ago. The picture showed a person carrying a bag containing two boxes of pizza. Of course, to fit in the bag, the pizzas were lying on their side, and that's the part everyone has an issue with. The title of the photo reads, "I think I'm witnessing a drug deal. I mean who the hell carries their pizza like that?"
Twitter quickly caught wind of the image, and naturally, tore this person to shreds for the unnatural way he or she shoved those boxes in a plastic bag.
It does seem like a weird way to carry pizza, but I think I'm going to give the carrier the benefit of the doubt. I once turned a pizza box on it's side so I could smuggle it into a movie under my sweatshirt. The toppings were only slightly askew, and I still regard it as one of the most worthwhile feats of my life. So, who really knows where this person was heading or why they chose to tote their pies around this way? Good pizza makes us do kooky things, and no one should be condemned for that.

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