Twitter is SO Offended By This Pea & Mayonnaise Pizza

By now you surely know that most people have strong opinions about what should and should not be put on pizza. We've seen world leaders condemn pineapple on pizza and the food editor of the New York Times insist that clam chowder pizza is best. I've even gone on a tirade against barbecue chicken pizza. But, if you needed more proof that people have intense feelings about their pies, allow me to direct your attention to a recent post by a Twitter user named @FOX152. Over the weekend, this guy tweeted a photo of an unusual looking pizza and accompanied it with the words, "Peas and mayonnaise pizza?! Yes please."
As you may have expected, people all over the Twittersphere flipped out when they saw what @FOX152 tweeted. So far, the tweet has received over 1,400 likes, 916 retweets, and 1,100 replies. Although that is a lot of likes, it seems that most people have only negative feelings about the pizza in question and the man who is so eager to eat it. Here are a few of the best reactions:
Most people seem to be unwilling to try the mayo and pea pizza, and some even seem to be straight up offended by its existence on this planet. While I certainly appreciate the extreme responses — I was laughing out loud the whole time I was scrolling through that Twitter feed — I have to admit, not only would I be willing to try this, I'm actually interested in seeking it out. As strongly as these people feel about this weird pizza, I would say I feel even more strongly that mayonnaise tastes good on literally everything. And, I just don't really mind peas.
What are your thoughts on the mayonnaise pea-zza? Based on how seriously most people take pizza, I'm fairly certain you have something to say.

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