S.O. Expertly Shades Girlfriend With Hilariously Savage Pizza Order

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Almost every time a group is planning to get dinner together, there's that one person whose automatic response to, "What should we order?" is, "I'll eat whatever." It might be preferable to someone who is demanding or has innumerable dietary restrictions, but still, it's not a helpful response when you're trying to narrow down restaurant options. If this person's insistence that they're, "cool with whatever" starts to wear on you, you could politely suggest that they express their true feelings. Or, you could take a less direct approach. Today, a Reddit user known as RidingKeys posted a photo of the customizing instructions on a pizza order. The title of the post was simply, "Savage boyfriend," and it has so far received over 28,200 upvotes. Click on the photo, and you'll find the following instructions: "Please send me an extra empty box that has 'whatever' written in big letters in it because that's what my girlfriend said she wants." Savage, indeed.
There's no way to know if the restaurant employees actually fulfilled this wish, but his request is amusing either way. Commenters threw in complaints about people in their own lives who never give suggestions on food orders, and one Redditor named scotscott even wrote, "I once ordered a large deep dish pizza with no toppings, cheese, or sauce from dominos to prove a point. This exact point." Now, the actual pizza this person ordered in addition to the empty box was, according to the photo, a barbecue chicken pizza. In my opinion, having to eat a barbecue chicken pizza would do way more teach me a lesson about not giving input on an order because: gross. I'd rather eat the empty box.

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