Someone Made A Candy Corn Pizza & Twitter Can't Handle It

Fall is officially underway, which means that it's time to bring out your favorite seasonal food. And while everyone may be going for the pumpkin spice-flavored drinks and other fall-flavored goodies, if candy corn is more up your alley then you need to see (but probably not eat) this. Some candy corn enthusiasts have gotten creative with food inspired by their favorite seasonal candy, and Twitter isn't as pleased about it as they are.
As Delish writes, one Twitter user brought this DIY creation to his followers. Twitter user @TheRealAsswolf posted pictures of two DiGiorno pizzas topped with candy corn. Following the pictures, the caption "'Tis the season my dudes" was added. The trolling at work here is expert level.
It didn't take long for Twitter users to respond to this post, and it was nearly uninamous. No one wants in on this Halloween treat. In fact, Twitter users seemed to have complete meltdowns about how much they disliked the candy corn pizza creations.
As if this couldn't have gotten any stranger, the biggest plot twist of all came when DiGiorno themselves responded. They also had some, er, strong opinions about the candy corn pizza creation.
Unfortunately, it looks like not everyone was repulsed by the candy corn creation. One user even posted that he was inspired to try it himself.
It isn't the first time that people have posted about their food hybrids on social media, to a less than enthusiastic response. From the debate on whether pineapple pizza is delicious or not to the most-hated Halloween candy, questionable foods that are available for only a short time each year can still make many of us cringe. But don't hold your breath on this one — candy corn pizza is not going to catch on anytime soon.
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