How Pineapple Pizza Just Became A Symbol For LGBTQ Rights

Aside from being divisive topics in the world, pineapple pizza and marriage equality seem to have little in common. Yet both have staunch supporters as well as people who believe that they just aren't "natural."
The difference, of course, is that hating pineapple pizza is just a benign opinion, while hating the idea of marriage equality is homophobic and can negatively impact the lives of all LGBTQ people. So, one pizza shop in Australia is using the bizarre similarities between marriage equality and pineapple pizza to soften the blow of an anti-gay bulletin board put up behind their shop, Mashable reports.
Given their stunt, it's probably not a coincidence that the pizza shop is named Wiseguise.
The revised billboard reads, "It's OK to say 'no' ... to pineapple on pizza."
This message is much nicer than the original meaning of the billboard, which was put up by the Coalition For Marriage — an activist group that wants to defend the definition of marriage to be between one man and one woman — in Australia to encourage residents to vote "no" on the country's upcoming vote on marriage equality via a postal survey.
Residents in Australia have already gotten, or will soon be getting, a ballot via mail to indicate whether they would vote yes or no on marriage equality in the country. Those ballots will be mailed back, collected, and read to determine the majority opinion by November 15, reports the Australian Broadcasting Cooperation. If the majority of the votes say no, then the Australian government plans to table the topic of same-gender marriage for now. If the majority say yes, then there will be an official vote on marriage equality by the end of the year.
"It's the Australian way, you know, to take an issue that's got a lot of people divided at the moment and make it a little bit more light-hearted,"Alex Jones, the managing director of Wiseguise, told ABC News.
Their amendment to the billboard certainly does that, but we'd also argue that it takes a stance on the subject. To us, it says that it's OK to say no to pineapple on pizza — that's a harmless choice that affects only you — but it's not OK to say no to marriage equality. Because that decision is definitely not harmless.
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