A Divisive New Sour Patch Kids Halloween Candy Is Already Available

It's a pretty divisive move to start talking about Halloween candy in August, and it's made even more divisive if the candy you're talking about is one of the most controversial of the season. We're talking about Sour Patch Kids' newest seasonal offering that just so happens to be a take on classic candy corn.
In anticipation of Halloween 2018, Sour Patch Kids released a new take on candy corn. If you're one of those people who despises the wax-like texture of classic candy corn, you might want to steer clear of this new offering. The description of the candies on the package in a @JunkFoodMom Instagram post says that they are "sour dusted candy corn." At first, we expected this to mean that they're simply regular Sour Patch Kids that just happen to be shaped like candy corns. However, @JunkFoodMom clarifies in her caption, "These are orange and grape flavored candy corn with a dusting of Sour Patch goodness. They taste like a gummie but have that crumbly candy corn texture."
If you're a fan of both candy corn and Sour Patch Kids sour dust, and have no hangups about celebrating fall holidays before the season even begins, you're in luck. A representative of Frankford Candy, the company that manufactures Sour Patch Kids, told Refinery29 via email that the candy will be available at Walgreens, CVS, BJ's Wholesale Club, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Meijer, Kroger, and Safeway. The rep also told us that their official sale window is September through October 31, however, Instagram users like @JunkFoodMom and @JunkBanter reported that the candy has already been spotted at Dollar General. That means you can give the controversial candy a whirl and decide how you feel about it well before Halloween.

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