We Never Noticed This Detail On Sour Patch Kids Packages

This story was originally published on July 31, 2017.
Sour Patch Kids offer the perfect balance of two key candy flavors: sour and sweet For that reason, they're many peoples' favorite candy. Some of us have probably spent hours of our lives staring at boxes and bags of Sour Patch Kids as we've downed them during movie nights or even just as an mid-day sugar fix at work. And, yet, we never noticed one tiny detail that's on every package. A Reddit user named Toms42 recently pointed out that the speckled boarder of every pack of candy is actually made up of tiny Sour Patch Kids, and our minds are blown.
A few days ago, the Redditor posted a photo in the /r/mindlyinteresting subreddit, and the post was brought to our attention by FoodBeast. The photo was a closeup of a bag of Sour Patch Kids, and accompanying the photo, Toms42 succinctly wrote, "The orange splotches on the edges of Sour Patch Kids are actually lots of kids." A quick look at the picture confirms that the Reddit user is right. Check it out.
In the comments, people posted to express just how astonishing the discovery was. One user wrote, "These are my favorite candy, I never noticed that. Nice Find!" Another simply said, "mind = blown." Toms42 even responded to one of the comments to stress just how wild the revelation was for him. He wrote, "Ikr totally man! I'm a pack-a-day man myself as well, and my friend just now pointed that out to me!"
We wondered if maybe the reason we had never noticed the tiny kid boarder was because it only appeared on certain packages, but a quick Google image search showed that it's present on all bag sizes and boxes of all flavors, and it even appears on Sour Watermelon Patch packages. We can't believe this never registered with us, but now, we can't unsee those little characters.
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