How To Be Sansa Stark For Halloween

When Game of Thrones started, Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) spent her days embroidering gowns and dressing like the princess she hoped to be. Once in King's Landing, she quickly adopted the region's fashions, and styled her hair like Cersei Lannister. Now that she's a badass leader in the North, Sansa dresses both fiercely and practically in fitted dresses and fur-lined cloaks. Her costumes have always been a reflection of her mentality at the time. As a result, we've been able to trace her character's evolution through her attire.

Over the course of seven seasons, Sansa Stark has blossomed from passive participant in her fate to a force of nature. With Halloween approaching, now's your chance to step into Sansa's new persona. Halloween allows you to embody someone you're not, but you admire. And of all the women on Game of Thrones, whose transformation is more admirable than Sansa Stark's?

Rock the cloak, don the red braid, and get ready to do Halloween like a Stark.

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Step One: Slip into a gown.

For the most part, Sansa is recognizable by her accessories: Her hair, her cloak, and her pendant. The gown is a necessary base for incorporating what makes Sansa distinguishable from every other medieval-era character.

So, where to find the starting point for all Sansa costumes? You could go the medieval costume route, and buy a historically accurate costume, long sleeves and all. Or, just go with a plain, long-sleeve green gown, like this, or this. For a marginally more expensive dress — but one you could wear again! – check out this Sansa-esque beaded gown.
Step Two: Cloak yourself in mystery.

Located in the northern portion of Westeros, Winterfell is a savagely cold place — so you need to dress appropriately. Ever since Sansa returned to her ancestral home, she's been wearing fabulous cloaks. Now's your chance to invest in some attire appropriate for a Winterfell winter.

As always, you could partake in the Game of Thrones costume conglomerate, and get a faux fur medieval cape. Or, you could pair a faux fur stole  with a green-lined cape, or a hooded velvet cloak.
Step Three: Be redhead for a day.

If you already have red hair, fabulous: Braid it, and you're set. The rest of us have to invest in a wig — or even hair dye.

This wig, specially designed for Game of Thrones cosplay, comes with Sansa's braids built-in. Other options include this fully braided wig, or this wig, which you can style yourself. Finally, if you've been searching for an opportunity to dye your hair, might as well do it for the noble cause of embodying Sansa Stark.

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Step Four: Accessorize like a Stark.

Thank all of the Game of Thrones fans who also happen to make jewelry for this part of your costume. Sansa's signature black pendant, the meaning of which is still up in the air, is available for purchase. HBO even sells its (pricey) own version.
Step Five: Cover up those hands.

We don't care if Jon Snow doesn't wear a hat. Sansa Stark wears gloves, because it's clearly the sensible thing to do.
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