Sansa Stark's New Season 7 Costume Is A Testament To Her Strength

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Sansa Stark is about to reveal her wicked ways in the new seventh season of Game of Thrones. Sophie Turner has admitted that her on-screen character is finally able to channel all her energy into striking revenge and executing her power onto people instead of dealing with hardship after hardship. She is ready to give orders instead of take them, much like her younger sister Arya Stark. Her major attitude shift has been prevalent, and will be throughout the season — not only through her conversations with her half-brother Jon Snow (Kit Harington admits the two will butt heads this season), but also through her costume and dress, which has shifted along with her mindset.
In an interview with Uproxx, the show's Emmy-winning costume designer Michele Clapton breaks down what aspects of Sansa's dress will change this season, specifically her accessories. "I wanted a real strength," Clapton says. "I think that she’s embraced everything that’s happened to her."
Sansa is bolder and more powerful now, so her clothing adornments are now, too. "It’s almost like ‘no one will ever get to me again.' There's an armor to her," Clapton says of the thick and heavy belts incorporated onto the bodice of Sansa's dresses. "There’s feathers again from her time in the Eyrie. There’s a circular necklace, which I think is really important with a needlepoint. And there’s an element in the dress of her mother, the pattern is almost like fishes swimming. It’s this binding against her vulnerability. It’s full of symbolism."
Sansa isn't the only one giving subtle clues to her future as a fearless female ruler (fingers crossed), as each season the costumes give winks to upcoming plot points. Clapton also says in another part of the interview that the viewer should take note of Jon Snow's cape, which he uses as a symbol of dominance and status.
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