The Long, Winding & Triumphant Evolution Of Sansa Stark

The story of the two Stark sisters begins with familiar archetypes. Younger sister Arya rages against the system with sword skills and a grimace. We love her, because she is what we want to be: gutsy, bold, precocious.
The elder, Sansa, in embroidered dresses and elaborate hairstyles, does not scoff at the system. Rather, she's immediately enamored with the visiting prince. Quivering and eager, Sansa sees Joffrey as the next logical step for the privileged life she’s been prepared for. We roll our eyes at her juvenile yearnings for Prince Charmings and castles. Though we resent her reliance on tradition, she is what many of us are: entrenched.
As well as being a fantastical game of Risk, Game of Thrones is a coming-of-age story. Over the seasons, we see a war strategist emerge from the cocoon of a spoiled teenage girl. The story of Sansa Stark is one of survival. Through following Sansa's journey, we see what may well have happened to us had the world we believed in fell apart quickly and gruesomely.
Here's every step of the Sansa Stark transformation.
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