Everything You Need To Know About Netflix's 2018 Original Series

Netflix is currently an embarrassment of riches. American Vandal surprised us all by being very, very good. Next week, the streaming service will premiere the under-wraps serial killer drama that is David Fincher's Mindhunter. At the end of the month, we'll get the gift that is Stranger Things season 2, and Margaret Atwood adaptation Alias Grace will kick off November.

Thankfully, the Netflix gems will continue into 2018. Although we're months away from a new year, it's never too early to look towards the television future. And after checking out what's coming up on the streaming service, we couldn't be more excited.

So, we rounded up each and every upcoming Netflix original series set to debut in 2018. You'll find everything from fan-favorite reboots to obsession-worthy international series and even more of the auteur fare we've come to expect. Scroll through the gallery to be the first to know what everyone will be binging this time next year.

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On My Block Might Steal Your Heart

Watch out for this California high school comedy, co-created by Awkward.’s Lauren Iungerich, to break out big time. On My Block follows four childhood best friends as they start freshman year and battle traditional teen drama like crushes, first relationships, and unrequited love… amid the backdrop of gang ties, legitimate immigration crises, and extremely young, realistic explorations of sex.

The new series, led by a multicultural, inclusive cast of relative newcomers, premieres Friday, March 16.
It Will Be The End Of The F***ing World

This British black comedy could be one of 2018’s first breakout hits as The End Of The F****ing World, like Stranger Things and The OA before it, is a surprise drop on Netflix. The new series, following two teen whos commit increasingly egregious crimes after running away from home, will premiere on Friday, January 5, mere days after its trailer dropped.

Lead Jessica Barden will be poised for stardom once F****ing World debuts, as the young British actress absolutely runs away with the proceedings as the brash, curse-loving, secretly vulnerable Alyssa.
Queer Eye Is Back

It's been a decade since the original Queer Eye For The Straight Guy made-over the men of the world, and now it will return on a new home: television reviver-in-chief, Netflix. This time around, the docuseries has moved from the cultural hub of New York City to the bustling Southern metropolis of Atlanta.

Queer Eye, which has now dropped the "Straight Guy" portion of its traditional moniker, will fix-up both men and women in its new hometown. Instagram-friendly gurus Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, and Tan France will be the reality shows new stars. Respectively, the men will be in charge of design, culture, food and wine, grooming, and fashion.
Everything Doesn't Suck On Everything Sucks!

Netflix is coming at you with another coming-of-age series, this time with a nostalgic twist. Everything Sucks! will be a half-hour dramedy about what happens when an A/V club and a Drama club collide in 1996 Oregon.

Peyton Kennedy, who appeared on NBC's Taken, and The New Edition Story's Jahi Winston will lead the show, which apparently be in the vein of Freaks And Geeks, according to creators Ben York Jones, Michael Mohan.
Are You Ready For The Deuce 2.0?

If you’re a huge fan of The Deuce’s most uncomfortable marriage — we’re talking about Vinny Martino (James Franco) and his wife Andrea Martino (Zoe Kazan), of course — you are in luck. Franco and Kazan will will reportedly star in The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs, a six-part Western anthology series from the iconic Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan Coen.

Each episode of Scruggs will tell a different “tale” of the Western frontier. While previous Coen collaborator Tim Blake Nelson will play the titular Buster, we assume Franco is already growing out the necessary mustache.
There's Going To Be Maniac Mania

Remember when you were still obsessed with True Detective and nothing hurt? A lot of that season 1 goodness was thanks to director Cary Fukunaga, who pulled off that iconic six-minute tracking shot. Now, the Emmy-winner is returning to television after helming Netflix's critical favorite film Beasts Of No Nation and penning the screenplay for fall blockbuster movie It.

This time, Fukunaga is behind Maniac, which is to blame for those photos of Jonah Hill in French braid pigtails currently bouncing around the Internet. As with most big Netflix projects, little is known as the upcoming 2018 series other than who's starring in it — Hill and newly-minted Oscar-winner Emma Stone — and the setting, which centers on a 1980s mental hospital.

As per the Netflix site, Maniac, an adaptation of a Norwegian dark-comedy, is "about an institutionalized man who lives a fantasy life in her dreams."
Expect Another Netflix Reboot

No network or streaming service is in the reboot business like Netflix is. Now that the digital giant has revived Gilmore Girls, Full House, and the upcoming Carmen San Diego, it’s 1960s campfest Lost In Space’s turn.

Like the throwback version, 2018’s Lost In Space will feature a futuristic family literally lost in space, light years away from their planned destination. Unlike the throwback version, the update is expected to be darker and much more modern than the comedic original. The update will star Parker Posey, Toby Stephens, Raza Jaffrey, and Molly Parker.

Note: We will never speak of the 1998 version starring Joey Tribbiani and Gretchen Wieners.
The Bluths Are Back

Of course, Lost In Space won’t be 2018’s sole Netflix original series reboot. Fans will also get another season of Arrested Development, with the sprawling cast returning for season 5. No, this isn’t just an illusion, Michael.

It’s possible the new installments will deal with President Trump in some way, as creator Mitchell Hurwitz said in a statement confirming the upcoming season, “In talks with Netflix, we all felt that that stories about a narcissistic, erratically behaving family in the building business — and their desperate abuses of power — are really underrepresented on TV these days.”

Arrested Development season 5 begins production in a matter of weeks, in July 2017.
There Will Continue To Be So Much Marvel

Your favorite super powered, super sarcastic detective is back. Jessica Jones is expected to return to Netflix for season 2 in 2018, three years after its original debut. It’s also believed Daredevil season 3 and Luke Cage season 2 will also premiere throughout next year, following their Defenders team up in August 2017.
You’re Going To Want To Read Subtitles

Brazilian series Samantha! is already a frontrunner for my new favorite Netflix show. This comedy follows a former ‘80s child star who “clings to the fringes of celebrity with hilarious harebrained schemes to launch herself back into the spotlight.”

If Samantha! wasn’t going to obviously cast a Brazilian actress in the lead role, the part would have Casey Wilson’s name all over it.
No, Really, There Are So Many Subtitles To Read

Many of the best upcoming Netflix shows aren’t based in English speaking countries. Dogs Of Berlin will force two very different police officers to battle the German crime world together; there’s a Brazilian corruption drama on the way from a Narcos producer called O Mecanismo; Hindi-English crime drama Sacred Games; Korean zombie drama period piece Kingdom; and The Rain, a dystopian young adult series set in Scandinavia, which takes place 10 years after a brutal virus wipes out most of the country’s population.

Osmosis is a personal favorite of this global group. The sci-fi series shows Paris in the near future, where a dating app uses brain data to find people the scientific perfect match. Of course, that in exchange for using the life-changing app, you also give technology access to the deepest parts of your brain. And nothing nefarious can happen after that, right?

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You’re Going To Love 2018

After all that high-genre drama, let’s remember Love season 3 will also premiere next year. How very chill!
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