Jessica Chastain Tapped In To All Our Anxieties On SNL

Photo: Will Heath/NBC.
Jessica Chastain hosted this week's Saturday Night Live and managed to prove that (nearly) every sketch can make a statement. Throughout most of the episode, Chastain plays strong women, which frankly doesn't happen often enough on SNL, and challenges stereotypes while still enjoying The Bachelor. So, some aspects of all of us.
In her opening monologue, the first-time host gets ironic when she says that she "never gets to do things like this because I am always cast the 'strong, independent woman.'" She wishes for the day she can play the "naggy girlfriend." Then, Chastain commemorated the one-year anniversary of the Women's March. Bringing out Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong stand on either side of the host wearing shirts emblazoned with the words "Time's Up" and "Me Too" while singing the old Leslie Gore track, "You Don't Own Me."
In one of the most political Saturday Night Live episodes to date, several sketchs take aim at topics that have been at the forefront of our cultural discourse like equal pay, President Donald Trump's unending yet unchallenged barrage of scandals, online bullying, and gender stereotypes.
Weekend Update, which received criticism in the past for shelving jokes about Harvey Weinstein, held nothing back as nearly the entire segment centered around Donald Trump and the government shutdown. Colin Jost advises the government to act more like its fictional House of Cards counterpart because they "got rid of the sexual predator president, and got a female president instead."
With Chastain as host, Saturday Night Live proved that sometimes the best way to address a litany of complicated issues is with unflinching honesty and just the right amount of humor.
Click through to see some of the highlights from last night's episode.
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