These Halloween Bath Bombs Pair Perfectly With The Darkness In Your Soul

Update: As if Pearl Bath Bomb's pure black bath bomb wasn't cool enough, the brand is introducing two more additions to its Halloween collection — and these ones are even spookier. Among them: "Boo," a skull-shaped bomb that melts into a swirl of gray and white in the tub; and "Vampire Kiss," a white bath bomb that instantly transforms bath water into a deep, blood red.
Photo: Courtesy of Pearl Bath Bombs.
Photo: Courtesy of Pearl Bath Bombs.
In true Pearl Bath Bomb fashion, the colors aren't the only surprise you get — each one also comes with a sterling silver-, rose gold-, or gold-plated ring. And, starting today, you can get your hands on all three bath bombs in one magical "Hocus Pocus" trio set. With Halloween just around the corner, consider this your holiday starter pack. You'll be conjuring up spells in no time.
This article was originally published on September 14.
Photo: Courtesy of Pearl Bath Bombs.
'Tis the season every low-key witch has been waiting for. Everywhere you look, there's a little bit of Halloween magic — from Harry Potter-inspired liquid lipsticks to healing crystals, and everything in between. And now, it looks like Pearl Bath Bombs has something brewing to satisfy your dark side: a bath bomb that transforms your average bath water into a mystical, opaque black pool.
While it's not the only time we've stumbled across a black bath bomb — remember Lush's “Metamorphosis,” which changed from a gray-black hue to swirls of orange, pink, yellow, and green when it hit the water? — but this new version, fittingly called "Dark Magic," is the very first time a ghoulish bath fizz comes with a grand finale of a surprise ring. (Although, unlike the brand's other jewelry-packed orbs, this gem comes just as black as your bath water will be.) Just watch the magic for yourself:
Plus, the Dark Magic bath bomb is made with activated charcoal, which draws out dirt and oil from your skin. So while you’re taking those 15 minutes of relaxation, you can rest assured that you’re also giving your skin a reboot. And sure, you might not actually possess any magical powers, but this product will make you feel like you’re up to something extra witchy. Has there ever been a more enticing way to end your Halloween night?
Pearl Bath Bombs Dark Magic Charcoal Bath Bomb With Ring, $16.99, available at Pearl Bath Bombs.
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