This Bath Bomb Is Unlike Any Other You’ve Ever Seen

Bath bombs are gloriously unnecessary in the way only beauty products can be — and no one does them better than Lush. The irresistible combination of vivid color, sweet scent, fizz factor, and sometimes even sparkles (if you want 'em) makes these orbs both Instagram fodder and a remedy for existential malaise. We'd venture to say any bath bomb lacking in one of those categories would be nothing more than a farce. Which is exactly why you should never judge one by its color. The latest to join the illustrious Lush lineup is Metamorphosis, a moody gray iteration unlike any we've ever seen from the brand. It even smells different, exchanging the usual floral or fruity scent for a spicy blend of black pepper and myrrh. It’s different from your average bath bomb, and that’s what makes it wonderful. For what it’s worth, the moon-shaped sphere is only gray on the outside. A rep tells us Metamorphosis transforms once it hits water, ditching its moody exterior and releasing ribbons of orange, pink, yellow, and green. The warm fragrance means it's more comforting than energizing, which makes it perfect for nights you want to sink back, breathe deep, and calm the fuck down without feeling the constant urge to check your Instagram feed. Now that’s relaxing.

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