13 Sexts That Are Better Than A Valentine's Day Card

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Romance and love are the cornerstones of Valentine's Day, but there's another part of this candy-coated holiday that can be even more fun to celebrate: sex. While most people will have to work throughout Valentine's Day this year, employing a few well-written texts means you won't have to save the sexy experience for when you and your partner are between the sheets.
"If you and your partner enjoy sending flirty sexts to each other throughout the year, there's no reason to stop today," says San-Francisco-based sex therapist Vanessa Marin. "And if you've never sent a sext before, Valentine's Day is a good excuse to send your first one."
First-time sexting isn't exactly easy for everyone, though. Putting your desires down in writing can feel awkward. Not to mention, it's also risky. "Texts are forever," says Kimberly Smith, owner of StripXpertease, a dance company in New York and Los Angeles that offers dirty talk classes. So remember to only send sexts to a partner you trust and to be hyper aware of who you're actually texting (we're pretty sure your mom doesn't want to read your naughty messages).
And for anyone feeling too awkward, Smith suggests starting slow. You don't have to use graphic language if it makes you uncomfortable. Instead, try doing a virtual strip tease by describing yourself taking off your clothes. Write something like, "Slowly unzipping the back of my dress," Smith says.
She even suggests sending sexts when you're out with a partner, like at a Valentine's Day dinner, for instance. As you sit across from each other at the dinner table, grab your phone and send a quick suggestive message like, "You look so hot right now, I’m thinking about when we get home, we’re going to...."
Still not sure exactly how to get the sexy texts started? Read ahead for 13 fun and flirty Valentine's Day-themed options.
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Will you be my Valentine? The job starts tonight. Benefits include lots and lots of sex.

Why it works: Lots and lots of sex is the best Valentine's Day gift, right?
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Let's skip the fancy dinner and go straight to bed.

Why it works: Take the V-Day pressure off with this text, which shows your partner that all you really want is them.
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I'm gonna make you come so many times you're gonna wish it wasn't Valentine's Day.

Why it works: Who wouldn't be excited for that?
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I know neither of us like Valentine's Day, but why don't we come up with our own tradition — having the raunchiest sex possible?

Why it works: It's perfect for couples who really aren't into the mushy, gushy romance of Valentine's Day. Remind your partner that there are other ways to celebrate.
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I have a present for you. Why don't you come over to see what it is?

Why it works: The present is you, in sexy lingerie or totally naked — you choose.
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Roses are red, violets are blue — what do you want me to do to you?

Why it works: Who could resist a cheesy rhyme paired with a sexy and suggestive question?
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Let's try something new tonight.

Why it works: Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. The night is supposed to be extra exciting, and this sext will help your partner get their gears turning.
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I scream, you scream... I want to make you scream. *ice cream emoji*

Why it works: Send this one to let your partner know that a box of chocolates isn't the only sweet treat they'll be getting this Valentine's Day.
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You're definitely getting laid tonight.

Why it works: It gets straight to the point — just in case your partner was wondering if V-Day sex was on the table.
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Happy Valentine's Day (from my [insert body part here]).

Why it works: Whether the greeting is from your breasts, your vulva, your penis, or another body part, this sext is sure to turn your partner's attention immediately on you and your naked body.
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Guess what's for dinner? You.

Why it works: Start with this not-so-subtle nod to oral sex, and then describe exactly what you're planning (for the main course and dessert).
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Want to play a Valentine's Day game?

Why it works: Send this text along with dirty Truth or Dare questions and then start playing. You can save the dares for the next time you're together in person, or describe what you'd do to them if you were in the same room.
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All I want for Valentine's Day is you... in my bed.

Why it works: Send this one to your partner and just wait for them to ask what you're planing for your bed tonight.

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