YouTube Duo Tackles The 100 Layers Of Clothing Challenge, Sort Of Succeeds

Like aliens and UFOs, there are more "100 layer" challenges out there than we know. But this one, "100 Layers of Clothing," made us cringe, laugh, and relate — all at the same time. YouTube duo De'arra and Ken attempted (and failed) to wear 100 layers of clothing in a 13-minute video that's actually pretty difficult to sit through. At several points in the video, the couple sweats, experiences shortness of breath, and endures blood circulation issues (which is actually visible in Ken's arms at the 2:35 mark). By layer 50, neither De'arra nor Ken can really move — all aspects of a gut-wrenching scene from a thriller film, basically. After a few rips and snaps, the duo taps out, only halfway to their 100-layer goal. Besides providing an adrenaline rush of sorts, these extreme layering challenges can invoke a sense of nostalgia, too. Remember that chocolate cake from Matilda? Or that time Joey wore all of Chandler's clothes on Friends, because Chandler stole a pair of his underwear? From the beauty versions (which are sort of sick) to all of the food ones (definitely more palatable), people are certainly getting creative with their time. Watch the adorableness and terror unfold — er, pile on — above. But viewer discretion is advised. Can someone make a "100 Layers of Accessories" video next?

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