Every “100 Layers Of Makeup” Video You Ever Need To See

For some reason, the internet has developed an odd fascination with watching layers upon layers of makeup piled onto the human body. There’s something so intensely grotesque about seeing how much foundation, lipstick, or how many lashes you could potentially affix to your face — even if it's completely useless IRL. Commenters have pointed that out over and over — but the trend just does not die. By now, we’ve seen everything from the nail-polish mountain that started it all to the spidery "100 Layers of Mascara" video. Each viral post brings another round of cringe-inducing, crusty visuals — and yet, we can’t seem to look away. What do 100 layers of lipstick really look like? What about false lashes? That's why we've put together all the 100-layers videos you'll ever need to — or want to — see, for your viewing pleasure (or pain), ahead. Did we miss your favorites? Let us know (and drop the link!) in the comments below.

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