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This Budge-Proof Wedding Makeup Look Will Last Through The Last Dance

This eye look is glittery, glamorous, and totally cry-proof.

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Like "date-night beauty," there isn't really a prescription for the perfect face of makeup when attending a wedding. Of course, that's a good thing — all the better to express yourself! And while some might swear by a food-friendly liquid lipstick or a tear-proof mascara (both are great ideas), at the end of the night it's unlikely that what you choose to wear on your face will make or break your experience.
Still, certain situations should inform your cosmetic decisions. Take, for example, the length of a ceremony or the weather. The typical wedding reception lasts around four hours, so you'll want a face of makeup that'll last at least that long. Plus, you're adding drinking, eating, dancing, and (potentially) crying to the mix, so you might want to swap in a few waterproof products. If the wedding is in the summer or outdoors, you may want to reach for some long-wear products, too. The colors, textures, and finishes though, are totally up to you.
I took a trip to Portugal to attend a wedding earlier this year (!) so once I got over my excitement, I decided to plan my look early to ensure I had everything I needed and could enjoy the location, not worry about what I looked like. I typically wear some variation of this look to pretty much any formal event I attend (weddings or otherwise), so I know it'll see me through cake, cocktails, and inevitable nausea in the back of an Uber on the way home. The glitter, I might add, is a welcome conversation starter when seated with total strangers. See how it wore in the video above.
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Wedding Guest Makeup That Will Stay On For HoursReleased on November 5, 2018

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