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How I Transformed My Bathroom With $750

I used to avoid my tiny New York bathroom; now it's my favorite room in the apartment.

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Practically speaking, the bathroom isn't the sexiest room in an apartment. But beyond washing, flushing, and brushing, the space can serve as a lot more — helping you relax, unwind, and set the tone of a night out with friends. As a beauty editor, my bathroom serves a professional purpose, too; it's the set for my shoots and the place I play guinea pig, testing out the latest face masks, glitter shadows, shampoos, and more. In other words, I spend a lot of time in there.
You'd think a beauty editor's bathroom would be a relaxing place filled with cute acrylic organizers and tubs full of bath salts, but my little 6x8-foot box in Brooklyn has never been a sanctuary. Quite the opposite really — it was a space I purposefully spent as little time in as possible, mainly because I hated how gross, dingy, and dark it was. After months and months of complaining, I decided to finally get off my ass and do something about it.
In an attempt to turn my bathroom into the at-home spa of my dreams, I took a page out of Refinery29's finance and career column (and, recently, book!), Money Diaries, and challenged myself to do a bathroom experience makeover under three different budgets: $25, $100, and $750, with less than half of that money going towards renovations. The first thing to go? The awful green walls. Curious to see how to gussy up your space in just a couple of days and learn some fun DIY beauty and home tricks in the process? Press play above to find out.
How To Turn Bathroom Into A Spa With Easy RenovationsReleased on September 10, 2018

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