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The $150 Laser Facial I Can't Stop Talking About (& Getting)

It cleared my acne and evened out my skin in 30 minutes flat.

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The beauty industry has seen its fair share of novel face treatments over the past few years, from satisfying magnetic masks to IG-friendly glitter creations. While each of these innovations have wowed me in one way or another, nothing competes with laser treatments like Skin Laundry's Charcoal Laser Treatment.
Earlier this summer, I tried the brand's original laser treatment and was thrilled when I saw how clear and radiant my skin looked after just one 15-minute treatment. The Charcoal Laser Facial treats similar issues — redness, inflammation, dull skin, and acne — with even more horsepower. It uses the same lasers as the brand's signature facial (a combination of YAG laser and intense pulsed light), but kicks it up a notch by adding in a carbon mask that's vaporized right off your skin. Don't be frightened by the bright lights, the treatment is suitable for most skin types and concerns, though those prone to light-induced seizures, or who have a current sunburn, cold sore, vitiligo, or history of skin cancer should avoid it. In short, always share all health history and concerns during the consultation to see if you're a candidate.
According to Elyse Shelger, the registered nurse who performed my treatment, the carbon mask gets into pores to suck up the dirt, dead skin, and oil on the surface of the skin. When it's time to zap it all off, you get a deeper, more effective treatment — not to mention an insanely clear and even finish. Curious to see the treatment in action? Press play, above.
I Got A Charcoal Laser Facial For Acne at Skin LaundryReleased on August 27, 2018

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