This Magnetic Face Mask Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

In the ever-evolving world of beauty, the face mask category has quickly become the most innovative. There was once a time when we were satisfied with a minty dollop of Queen Helene. Now, bubble masks, metallic masks, and even animal-print sheets have taken over our bathroom shelves. Just when I thought I'd seen it all, Dr. Brandt's Magnetight Age-Defier Mask came across my desk. The thick, gray cream is meant to brighten and firm skin, but instead of removing it with water or muslin cloth like you do with traditional masks, this fella is whisked away using a magnet. Yes, you read that right: an actual magnet is passed over the skin, gently sucking the product out of your pores along the way. Naturally, I had a lot of questions when I first tried it: Would the magnet actually work? Would it really eliminate the need to wash my face after using it? Would it...hurt? The answers are yes, yes, and no, making this mask one of the coolest I've ever tried. "It's made with an iron, powder-based formula that is activated by magnetic particles," explains Whitney Bowe, board-certified dermatologist and member of the Dr. Brandt Skincare Skin Advisory Board. "When you lift the mask off the skin using the magnet, it generates a very small, but revitalizing, electromagnetic interaction." According to Bowe, the magnetic particles in this mask bind to and draw out some of the pollutants on the skin while also stimulating circulation. "The mask leaves behind a blend of antioxidants that help to neutralize any remaining free radicals from pollutants," says Bowe. "It also leaves behind a firming peptide that tightens and firms the skin."
That all sounds fine and good — but what's it like to actually pass this sucker across your skin? Well, as you can tell from my shocked expression in the video, above, pretty damn cool. After slicking on a light layer of the creamy gray mask all over our clean faces and allowing it to dry, my coworker, Michael Brown, and I pulled out the triangular magnet, wrapped it in tissue paper (this makes clean up much easier), and hovered it over our skin. The magnet created a tingling sensation as it sucked the mask out of our pores. Once we fully removed the masks, we inspected our skin. The product had an immediate brightening effect and left our faces feeling soft, smooth, and intensely hydrated. I even went as far as to describe Michael's skin as angelic. According to Bowe, magnet therapy has been used for over 2,000 years — Cleopatra being one of its biggest fans. While I'm well aware that it won't halt the signs of aging altogether as its name suggests, I love the fact that it left my skin noticeably brighter and smoother. Plus, it's honestly just a hell of a lot of fun to use. You can't put a price on that. Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier, $75, available at Sephora.

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