The Benefits & Joys Of A Really, Really Good Coat

A good winter coat is one of those "when I" pieces. When I land my dream job. When I finally move out of this city. When I sell my first story. That's because a good winter coat is oftentimes equated with an new, expensive winter coat — that big-ticket purchase you make when you're at a place in your life when you can drop the equivalent of your current rent check in one go. It's a closet milestone.
Here's why it's worth it: A good winter coat can make you look and feel like you got it together during a time when everything feels like it's falling apart. No one knows you've got four deadlines at work before the holidays, you haven't done laundry in two months, and your partner just told you they're not coming home with you for the holidays. Your big, badass coat is your armor and anchor.
This year, those coats are skewing more a-gendered, less tailored, and more utilitarian. In the words of our editor-in-chief, Christene Barberich, "Big coats call to mind rebellious people who think their own thoughts and don’t give two shits if people think their outer layer belonged to a dead guy. Big coats are cool. They look dramatic and, quite conveniently, come with equally big pockets to put things in."
Best yet? These coats can be found at a wide variety stores for a wide variety of price points (we're talking about at designer boutiques worth four figures, and charity shops worth just one). So, if you're in the mood for some thrifting, you might be able to end the "when I" phase by 2017, without getting stuck by the cost. Ahead, here are a few good coats, both new and old, to get fired up about.

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