They Exist! Cool Boots For Under $100

Stepping outside on a snowy, freezing-cold day in leather flats or shearling-less sneakers is like hitting the beach in head-to-toe wool. It just doesn’t work. Boots are necessary, and kicking off the season with a brand-new pair makes facing that weather just a little more pleasant. And, that's whether your three-year-old standbys could use an update, you just moved to the tundra from somewhere warm and have literally no closed-toe shoes, or you simply want to flesh out your current selection.
If you've also gotta splash out for a warm coat and weatherproof accessories, you can save a bit when it comes to boots. We've got 30 picks that prove the market is saturated with stylish, functional, and under-$100 pairs, including ankle, tall, wider-calf, and all-weather selections. It's time to give your shoe wardrobe a leg up on winter.

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