The Fashion Person's Guide To Holiday Gifts

Gift shopping is already tough enough. Gift giving for someone with a passion for fashun is even tougher. They're not easily swayed by just any scarf or sweater, because their personal style has a much more precise aesthetic. And personal style is just that: extremely personal. We struggle even articulating our own style, nevertheless someone else’s.
But while it’s difficult to predict what someone will enjoy wearing, every now and then there’s that item you find – omg I could totally see you wearing this –that nails it. Congratulations! You've successfully predicted what resonates fashion-wise for another human being.
Bonus points if you're able to push your chic friend out of their style comfort zone. Your perspective may be just what they need to welcome a fresh, daring new element into their closet. And that's what friends are for. (Tip: Unless you're feeling especially confident, don't forget the gift receipt ).
So click through for the best holiday gifts for the friend who loves fashion, from one fashion girl to another.
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Bejeweled earrings by fashion-industry favorite Roxanne Assoulin get a whimsical twist. No, it wasn't sent incorrectly. Yes, they are mismatched intentionally.
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— PAID —

Because who better to pull off metallic-stripe jeans?
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Slime green quilted jackets? You just nailed two fall trends at once.
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Entireworld (created by Band Of Outsiders' founder Scott Sternberg) makes sweatpants mega stylish.
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The newest version of the DMX, aka every fashion girl's must-have sneaker.
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Eckhaus Latta has a major cult following in the fashion industry, and this fanny pack x travel kit will ruin all other travel-kits-as-holiday-gifts forever.
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Not quite ready to take the gift-giving plunge with a piece of clothing? Splurge on a fashion-girl approved candle. My favorite scent is grapefruit + yuzu.
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Color blocking: unbelievably underrated in slip dress form.
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What better way to support a friend's New Year's resolution than leggings and a gift card to their favorite workout class? See how to style them for everyday wear here.
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To some it may be just another scarf. To others it's an opportunity to find ways to style and tie an oversized scarf in a unique way.
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A two-in-one for the girl who loves fashion (see through handbags) and keeping their skin moisturized all winter long.
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Sometimes there are things in fashion that make people say "wut", like tops with gloves included. But don't come running to us when you're trying to find the exact same piece 3 years later.
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Worth all of the necklace tangles when layering this one on top of your many, many necklaces.
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A LRD (little red dress) is the new LBD this holiday season.
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Your pal may have already bought most pieces from the collection, but another one doesn't hurt – and makes a great backup when they inevitably spill coffee/soda/ketchup/pasta sauce on it and it's sold out.
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Levi's newest jeans have been seen on some of our favorite fashion editors (examples here and here) and have the highest butt-hugging rise we've ever had the pleasure of wearing.
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A bag to help a friend get ahead of the dumpling bag trend.
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These fleeces were designed by fashion cool-girl herself, Sandy Liang, and we're 99.9% sure everyone and their grandma has been drooling over 'em this this season.
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The aforementioned mismatched earrings, except these are totally out of this world.
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For the friend that will never stop with the "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking" Devil Wears Prada quote.
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Get these for the friend who loves sci-fi.
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You can never go wrong with a bodysuit. You can never go wrong with a turtleneck.
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A collaboration that existed in our dreams and now IRL. British brand Whistles makes high-quality clothing, and Cold Picnic makes rugs that inspire us to embrace color; together, they made the comfiest quilted blanket ever.
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Animal prints made a big comeback this year, so here's a chance to embrace the trend yet again.
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Loves fashion but also loves business. Or just loves loves wearing a blazer every chance they get.

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