We Tried Trader Joe's Best-Selling Bottles Of Rosé — & Here's Our Favorite

Photographed by Ali Gavillet.
Lovers of wine and budget prices are probably already fans of Trader Joe's legendary bottle lineup. The cult-favorite grocery store tackles more than just cheap seasonal food trends, it also dives head first into affordable beverage territory. And, despite our best efforts to branch out to alternative summer booze options this summer, we still find ourselves overcome by a certain pink-hued bottle's gravitational pull when stocking up for park picnics or rooftop hangs. Especially at TJ's, where the rosé selection spans from bottles as cheap as $3.99 to "fancier" finds (still cheap AF) that clock in at $9.99 — making it a feasible and affordable reality to actually drink summer's sweet nectar, as they say, all-day.
With its expansive, well-priced collection, choosing a quality bottle with no prior purchasing knowledge can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Trader Joe's offers a "Best-Sellers" section in-store to guide helpless customers. So, we scoped out and scooped up all of the best-selling rosés available in this designated area for a definitive taste test.
Ahead we rank all six bottles, each with varying price points and flavor profiles, from worst to best. Scroll on to find out which budget bottle of Trader Joe's rosé you should buy in bulk — and which is best left in the bargain bin alongside the "Two Buck Chuck."

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