10 Essential Wine-Drinking Accessories So You Can Rosé All Summer

Photo: Courtesy of Packed Party.
Rosé is more than just wine. It's an influential beverage sensation that has infiltrated all aspects of our lives: spawning alternative alcohols, trademark catchphrases, and pink drink-themed merchandise. If you consider yourself a committed member of team "Yes Way Rosé," then it's time to stock up on essential sipping accessories for the upcoming season.
In order to successfully rosé all summer, you'll need goods that span beyond blush-hued bottles. We're talking ways to tote, drink, sip, mix, and lounge with rosé. Ahead we rounded up ten of these necessities for all the rosé lovers out there that are looking to fully immerse themselves in summer's pink sea. It's not just a wine, it's a full-blown lifestyle.

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