17 Perfect Staycations For Escaping Thanksgiving

Does the mere idea of your entire family cramming into your home cause you to run to the nearest window, gasping for air? If so, you'd likely never admit it out loud. First, stop worrying: No one has to know. Second, you are definitely not alone. Lastly — and, most importantly — we've got a solution.
Rather than spending the next two weeks obsessively Swiffer-ing every inch of your living room, searching the Internet for the nearest storage locker to hide all your unmentionables, and/or coming up with a big-ol' lie involving a sudden termite infestation, it's time you take a deep breath and listen closely. If having houseguests is causing you buckets of anxiety, why not host Thanksgiving this year in a different house — a nicer one, that doesn't even belong to you? Whether you're looking for a small loft to double as a crash pad, or a massive, beachfront property that will be the well-deserved vacation your whole family needs, we've found 17 spots for a staycation in L.A. that will make this year's holiday one you can really be thankful for.