18 Tassel-Adorned Shoes With Tons Of Fringe Benefits

No matter your budget, be it thrift store or designer, fashionable finds need not be out of reach. So, we're bringing you the cream of the crop in trending buys — and in price ranges to suit every girl's wallet.
A tassel here. A tassel there. This sartorial embellishment never really went away (it's a classic!), but it's definitely seeing a resurgence this season. We're not talking exclusively about loafers, either — boots and heels are getting in on the fringe-action, too. Which means we'll be donning the sophisticated, menswear mainstay in one form or another before the winter's through.
Oversized. Teensy-tiny. And, everything in between. This trend definitely runs the gamut, from Christian Louboutin's playfully exaggerated, tassel trim to kate spade's itty-bitty, oxford-inspired frill. Designers have found a way to breathe new life into a quintessential style. And, these 18 quirky pairs are worth your perusal — no matter what your budget might be.