Jetting Off This Summer? Here's What You Should Wear On The Plane

When it comes to packing, there are a few explicit rules that the experts swear by: roll, don't fold; check that you have underwear before you leave the house and don't dare bring more than 3 fluid ounces of liquid in your carry-on. With all those tasks on your to-do list, it's easy to overlook the most important aspect of any travel day: what you wear for the journey.
With flight delays becoming more and more frequent, you'll most likely end up waiting at the airport for hours, roaming empty terminals (think Tom Hanks in The Terminal) and letting a tired airline rep determine your fate. Now imagine dealing with all that while simultaneously wearing a pair of too tight jeans and sandals that pinch your feet.
To ensure that your next travel day is as stress free as possible, we went ahead and found 10 summer travel outfits that'll keep you cool and collected from takeoff to touchdown — and everywhere in between.
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A Linen Dress

No matter how tempting a jersey sweat suit might be on a busy travel day, when you have back-to-back meetings directly following a long flight, you're going to want something a little less "I woke up like this" and a little more professional. That's where this linen dress comes in. Comfort, breathability and style — what more can you ask for in a travel look?
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The New Sweater Set

There's nothing more appropriate for the airport than a good, cozy sweater. Now imagine having that feeling from head-to-toe (without having to wear a Snuggie). Introducing the 2019 sweater set, a lightweight, knit top and bottom that's sure to keep you looking and feeling your best the whole flight and beyond.
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A Stretchy Skirt

If you're bored of stretchy pants, but love the way they feel, try a stretchy midi skirt. More and more, we're seeing brands design knit skirts that feel as comfy as they look. So, no matter your ideal on-plane position, you'll land looking just as put-together as you did before takeoff.
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A Versatile Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is perhaps the most debated clothing item on this list. But while many would argue that a one-piece causes some awkward, bathroom-related issues, there's no denying how comfy a stretchy jumpsuit can be. Throw a chunky sweater or a light jacket to free up space in your carry-on and you're set for any post-plane activities.
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On-The-Go PJs

We're taking a cue from Sophie Turner's pre-wedding book and taking our PJs for a ride in the outside world.
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A Leggings Set

No matter how many people hate on leggings, we can't seem to give them up. They're flexible, breathable and comfier than just about any other item we've ever slipped on. For those reasons and more, a leggings set will always be our #1 go-to plane ride 'fit.
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Oversized Suits

If your regular suits aren't comfortable, oversize them. A purposely oversized pair of trousers and matching jacket are the perfect combination for remaining at ease throughout a long flight.
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The Leggings Bodysuit

If you thought leggings were good for a plane ride, just imagine what a leggings bodysuit must be like. Hint: It's good.
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Elastic Jeans

No, we're not talking about maternity pants (even though they might work for that, too), but the basic idea of wearing pants with an elastic waistband isn't such a bad idea — especially when you're cramped in a too-small amount of space for hours at a time.
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A Matching Sweatsuit

Sometimes, when you're in for a long-haul flight, it's OK to compromise on style for a scot-free travel day. In those cases, opt for a matching sweat suit in a light, jersey fabric. Read: avoid throwing on a ratty sweatshirt and sweatpants from your Alma Mater.