11 Summer Packing Essentials You Can Nab On Jet.com

Your flight's been booked, your pet sitter has your keys, and you have a saved folder on Instagram of every spot you need to eat at on your trip. The only thing standing between you and your blissful time off is tackling the monster task of packing. Sadly, that empty suitcase isn't going to fill itself, but it could benefit from a few tips on how to not overpack.
Your first call to action should be mapping out an exact itinerary to get a grip on what types of outfits you'll need. Will your dinners be slightly formal affairs? Do you plan on hitting the beach more than once a day...in more than one cute swimsuit? Having a clear cut plan on exactly what you'll be wearing is key to making packing a low-stress task. Because whoever said practice makes perfect forgot to include that planning makes perfect.
To help you narrow down to the bare essentials, we've found 11 must-pack pieces you can find on Jet.com. Click ahead to finally make packing a breeze.

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