Adorn Your Digits: 12 Signet Rings You’ll Love

Commencement season is rapidly approaching. And, though this year's college seniors will likely celebrate graduation in a number of ways, we think a smaller but equally rad way to commemorate the occasion is with a signet ring. They hark back to ancient times when many wealthier families engraved their initials and used them as seals for personal documents, pressing them into hot wax to form a stamp. (Watch basically any Renaissance drama to know what we're talking about.)
Well, the unique bauble has come a long way since then. And, it's been a fixture for senior-class members for as long as we can recall. But, in addition to your initials, these rings can feature any number of symbols or phrases. While some will prefer classic varieties like In God We Trust's timeless iteration, we also sourced a few quirkier offerings from Digby & Iona and Tiffany & Co., among others. Soon-to-be-grad or not, the 12 pieces ahead will add tons of interest to your digits.

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