L.A.’s Latest Beauty Trend Is A Lifesaver

Ever since the first Drybar opened its doors in L.A in 2010, a whole spate of on-the-fly, no-fuss beauty treatments has popped up. And, we're not just talking about blowdry-only spots. Salons dedicated entirely to braiding, eyelash bars with more options than a fro-yo store, even express makeup shops got to work making us all more glam in less time. Now, getting dolled up for a big event follows roughly the same transactional curve as ordering a latte at Starbucks.
And, over the last few months, a whole new generation of quickie beauty options started to surface. Going beyond temporary glam, these speedy services mirror traditional and medical spa treatments; they're incredibly efficient, surprisingly affordable, and some even offer lasting results. Rather than having to request a morning off work to visit your dermatologist, or wait for a free weekend to indulge in some you time, you can now just swing by on your lunch break. Ahead, we break down the new express treatments that seriously impress.