5 Plus-Size Jewelry Shops With Extra Wiggle Room

It's no secret that the simplest outfit can easily be transformed by the right accessories. Starting with a blank-slate T-shirt paired with jeans, you can go Old Hollywood by piling on the rhinestones, channel Isabel Marant with some fabric-tassel necklaces, or show just how fashion-forward you are with a handful of mixed midi rings.
But sometimes, having a fuller figure also means having thicker wrists, fingers and necks, which can make finding on-trend jewelry a real challenge. Just because you have size 11 fingers doesn't mean you don't want to rock a two-finger ring or that a wider neck doesn't deserve a '90s-inspired choker necklace.
Fortunately, there are plenty of accessories shops out there that cater to wider circumferences. From dainty hand harnesses to edgy knuckle-dusters, we dug up our five favorite sites that carry plenty of on-trend, plus-size jewelry that won't have you feeling like you had to settle.

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