Knee-High-Boots Won't Die — Here's How To Actually Wear Them

Photo via @chiaraferragni.
Just when you thought you could escape it, over-the-knee-boot season is back again. That, of course, means you find yourself asking: "How the hell do I wear these?"

Well, allow Instagram to be your manual. We know over-the-knee boots can be one of the most difficult shoes to pull off, but this time around, the right styling can have you realizing that they're not as intimidating as they may seem.

Lately, it's all about offsetting the tight, high boot with oversized, laid-back silhouettes or impactful volume up top. That means trying an of-the-moment fashion hoodie or a cozy, intentionally oversized sweater to create a look that's bound to work every single time. If you're not interested in showing too much skin, you can always play it a little more conservative with tights and leggings. Miniskirts aren't off limits, either.

There truly is a way for everyone to wear these tricksters (we promise) — especially if you use the outfits ahead as your guiding light. We don't know if this is what was meant by that whole, "When they go low, we go high," statement, but these looks will have you convinced to go way, way high with your boots this fall.

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Photo via @jetsetjustine.
Effortless, but still Insta-worthy.
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Photo via @beckermanblog.
The epitome of "more is more."
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Photo via @pinklip.
Let your outermost layer hang off your shoulders.
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Photo via @chiaraferragni.
This look is fire.
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Photo via @stuartweitzman.
Give your boots a retro vibe with a vintage-style coat.
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Photo via @mervi_h.
Oversized isn't the only option — they also pair well with a tight midi-dress.
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Photo via @shaninamshaik.
Legs are center stage with a denim mini.
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Photo via @swomagazine.
The more volume, the better.
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Photo via @rayasunshiine.
Embrace shorts while you still can.
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Go monochromatic.
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Photo via @denisemarieko.
If an oversized hoodie feels too sloppy, try a sleek cape.
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Photo via @carolinevreeland.
Pair up with your bestie.
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Photo via @manrepeller.
A statement belt is the ultimate finishing touch with a look like this.
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Photo via @alwaysjudging.
Black on black on...more black.
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Photo via @kristengracelam.
Let those sleeves slouch.
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Photo via @lemekafox.
Let 'em blend into a pair of skinny moto jeans, Victoria's Secret Angel-style.

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