Oscars Beauty: The 10 Looks We Can’t Stop Talking About

Time for some real talk about the Oscars: No, they don't exactly inspire the biggest beauty risks. But, let's be honest: For the most prestigious moment of your career, wouldn't you go for a romantic updo instead of, say, neon highlights? Last night, celebs leaned toward timeless hair and makeup looks — nude lips, textured chignons, neutral nails — and they proved why classics are, well, classics.
From Kristen Stewart's long-and-lovely locks to Jessica Chastain's Old Hollywood red lipstick, there was plenty to love. Plus, our list of favorites wouldn't be complete without a few surprises (we never thought we'd spot this runway trend on the red carpet). Just step right up and see the 10 Oscars beauty looks we loved most — and tell us, do you agree?