Tips For Becoming A Boss From 34 Of NYC’s Most Powerful Women

From Lean In to #BanBossy, a wave of catchphrases and cultural movements promoting powerful women in the workplace have had major impact over the past few years. They've infiltrated our vocabulary, inspired our ambitions, and encouraged us to succeed — they've also called renewed attention to just how important female leadership is to successful business, and that gender shouldn't hinder anyone from charging forward with their goals.
The best #GirlBoss inspiration tends to come from those who've made the climb and have first-hand experience with the obstacles as well as the triumphs. So, we asked them — from the ladies behind The Skimm and skin-care goddess Joanna Vargas, to the brains behind feminist site Femsplain. Ahead, 34 of the city's raddest, most successful women share their tips for getting where you want to be, staying ahead of the game, and what they've learned about their jobs — and themselves — getting to where they are now.